All You Should Know About The Humidifier For Baby

Are you looking for the humidifier for baby? Get to know all about the humidifier in this post

Types of Humidifiers

Although until recently it was customary vaporizers and humidifiers differentiate between, we will consider the two types of equipment that exist as humidifiers. And from there we will establish a classification based on the way for the team to bring the water to the air around us.

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  • Cool mist humidifiers: Normally they operate ultrasounds that evaporate the water container very efficiently. Its advantages are three: do not endanger hot source, we can use them in summer as they do not increase the room temperature and water vapor they produce is finer and easy to inspire. On some models recommend using distilled water as the team not boil it before and could carry infectious organisms.
  • Warm mist humidifiers: evaporation heat used as a method, which can use tap water. They are cheaper than ultrasonics but pose a danger by running hot and also raise the room temperature.
  • A particular type of humidifiers is the leading ionizer, which is a new generation of negative ions that attack airborne particles and kept as a clean and pure win.

Humidifiers – Forms of Use

As you can imagine, the use of these devices that increase household humidity is very simple. Electrically operated and greatest danger posed by a hot guy because boil water and that always has to be an alert.

In general, humidifiers must watch:

  • Cleaning, so as not to provoke that they are not a source of beneficial microorganisms. Important not use detergent or rinse well because the remains will be integrated into the environment when we activate the equipment. Water also must be changed daily.
  • Use it when appropriate, that is, when you have breathing problems, in winter by dry air or when the temperature-humidity combination is not correct.
  • Careful where we put it that is not within the reach of children.

Vaporizer or Humidifier?

Now that the first cold start, close the windows and turn on the heating making lower the moisture level of the house. The appropriate level is between 45 and 65%, below, dry throat, nose cap and respiratory problems and aggravate allergies. Therefore, pediatricians advise using any apparatus to carry moisture to the airways and to counteract drying environment. But is best vaporizer or humidifier?

Before investing, you should know what does each one beyond the beautiful designs. The function of the two is producing moisture to help flowing secretions that children have when they are colds, accelerating recovery. The main difference is that the humidifier works while the cold provides hot steam vaporizer. Humidifiers need to be distilled water and must be kept immaculate, because if water is cool, bacteria and fungi will be grown easily. But they have the pros that they are safer because they produce warm steam and therefore there is no risk.

Vaporizers can work with tap water, because when heated (about 100 °) possible microorganisms are removed. Produce hot water vapor, so you have to be extremely careful in handling these devices with kids around. We must always put it on the ground, out of reach of children and recommend use it before bedtime to avoid leaving it on overnight and may cause an accident. Must be cleaned once a month where resistance is accumulated tartar. Also possible to place balms with scents. Another advantage of the Vapor is economical because to produce heat, will benefit the heating bill.

The latest ultrasonic humidifiers areas Globe Chicco, which is super quiet and produces micro mist particles that continue to exist airborne longer. It can control the flow of steam and when cold, they can also be used in hot season. The drawback is that they are quite expensive.


To achieve a higher moisture content you need to add water vapor to the air. If the humidity is not much different from the ideal rate can help the following tips:

– Hang water bowls on the heating.

– Set the hood while cooking off.

– Leave the bathroom door after showering ajar.

– Do not let the temperature rise above 20 to 21 ° C.

– Ventilate your home sufficiently.

– Wipe dust settled.

– Place plants evaporate the water.