Cook delicious food by using air fryer

Cook delicious food by using air fryer

An air fryer can be used to cook some delicious food by using a little amount of oil. With little amount of oil, the food cooked is delicious as well as healthy because too much oil in a food can lead to some health disease. The best part about this popular cooking device is that, it uses a little amount of oil only even for fried food such as French fries, potato chips, etc. With little oil used, there is no change in the taste of fried food which makes it a popular device. Let’s have a look at some of the advantages of cooking food in air fryer over gas burner.

Philips Digital Air Fryer

Cook food in few minutes

  • One of the biggest advantages of cooking food in this modern device is that, the food is cooked in few minutes. Like cooking food on a gas burner you do not need to have a look at the food again and again in order to make sure that it is not over-cooked. While cooking food in this device you need to turn on the automatic timer and the device will stop automatically once the food is cooked.

Keeps food fresh and healthy

  • If you forget to take out the food cooked in the air fryer, then also you should not worry about it as the device will keep food fresh and healthy. This device uses heat to cook food but once it is turned off, no heat is stored in the device so that it doesn’t affect the food kept inside. Even if you take the food out from the device after a few minutes it has been cooked, it will not be burnt with the heat of the body parts of the device as the heating coil is automatically turned off which releases the heat present in the body part during cooking.

Consumes less electricity

  • One of the key advantages of this device over other cooking devices is that it consumes very less electricity which proves to be cheaper than the gas burner too. Maximum time required for cooking any food in this device is 30 minutes. Within 30 minutes your food will be ready and you can enjoy it. Cooking food on gas burner takes more than 30 minutes as few minutes are generally wasted in heating up the utensil.

How does this device work?

  • The working of this device is quite simple. It uses the rapid air technology which circulates the hot air around the cooking basket which further provides heat to the food for cooking. The metal mesh cooking basket requires a very little oil as it can perform multiple purposes such as fry, bake and grill. These devices are easy to clean as compared to other cooking devices as you need to clean the basket only.

There are several food items that can be cooked using this device. You can find thousands of recipes that can be prepared with this modern cooking equipment. So, purchase this device as soon as possible to cook healthy and delicious food in few minutes.