Golf Tips For Beginner – Golf  Clubs

Complete sets of golf clubs

For the entry into the golfer life, a complete set of golf clubs offers the best conditions. In some better handicappers scream, a golf beginner makes such a complete set the first steps in the new sport but very much. Perhaps you know the situation: you have made your first strokes in a taster course or was once with friends on the driving range and has found pleasure in golfing.

Pinemeadow Men's PGX Golf Set

Now the question arises as to how it should proceed and whether one wants to invest a lot of money into a sport, which one has just begun. To get around this, it is possible to borrow golf clubs at most golf clubs, but this has the disadvantage that you always get different clubs, which you have to adjust again and again.

Complete set of golf clubs have the advantage that they are available in varying price classes from about 150 to 500 euros and include a golf bag and everything you need as a beginner.

You can also buy a comparatively high-quality set, which also corresponds to your abilities in the long term, even during intensive practice and faster “golfer” development. If you are unsure how your golf career will develop in the future, Which is not necessarily of a very bad quality and offers a price-conscious as well as not so ambitious golf-interested the chance to slowly and budget-rightly to the golf sport to palpate whether it is now a very cheap complete set or whether it is in the upper A complete set is often equipped with the iron 5-SW, one or two hybrids, wood including driver, a putter and a bag, as well as complete sets for beginners With your once again broad racket sole and wood, is especially attentive to forgiveness and easy handling.

When a blade is used, the sole and the face are much smaller so that a good player can better “shape” the ball from many positions (the flight curve and the spin of the ball) Ball). For the beginner, however, such a golf club is disadvantageous since it must be hit very precisely and, in the event of a bounce, the ball is to be carried away extremely from its desired trajectory.

Our recommendation: The mass of golf clubs in a complete set is for the new entrants at the beginning certainly a little disproportionate. In the beginning, you should concentrate on a few clubs, and only gradually integrate the other “golfclubs” into your game or training. If you hit only 2-3 balls on the driving range with every racquet and then devote yourself to the next one. There is a risk that you will not be able to adapt to any racquet, and that your technique will remain the same. However, it makes sense to take the “heavier thugs” such as driver, wood or iron 5 over time.

Iron Counters

TaylorMade Men's RSi1 Iron

Iron inserts are available from all the famous manufacturers in every handicap class. TaylorMade is currently offering the Burner SuperLaunch, the MX-100 from Mizuno, the Diablo Edge from Callaway, and the DI-9 iron set from Wilson, specifically designed for beginners. Features of these models are the wide bat sole, the rearward centre of gravity in the bat head and the distribution of the weight around the bat head to the greater error forgiveness. As a rule, iron sets are equipped with six to seven golf clubs and go from iron 5 or 6 to sand wedges. For many golf product manufacturers, however, you can also order an individual number of bats, which can be delivered to you at no extra cost. Keep in mind that when buying individual irons, the series will expire after 1-2 years at the latest, and you may not be able to buy any other suitable racquets from this series. Iron rates are usually also – with a few exceptions – qualitatively higher than iron from a half or complete set, but also cost at least as much.

Recommendation: Last year models are an inexpensive alternative in the area of ​​the iron sets and nevertheless offer an excellent quality. If you are looking for a current set, make a fitting at your dealer or your trust. This will help you find the best iron for you.

Half packs

A cheap alternative to the iron or complete set can be a half sentence. A half-pack often consists of a bag, putter, iron 5, 7, 9, SW and a wood. Wilson is very dominant on the golf market at the moment with the Wilson Ultra 45 half-pack and offers good value for money. For an occasional player or an absolute beginner who does not want to spend much time or money, a half-rate is certainly not a bad choice. An ambitious beginner, on the other hand, will find relatively quickly that some golf clubs will be missing in the bag in the course of time to achieve the desired width. For an advanced golfer, therefore, a half-set as golf equipment does not matter.

Our recommendation: A golf club half-kit can be an opportunity for the absolute novice to approach golfing, but almost invariably cannot be extended by other golf clubs of the same series. Thus a half-sentence will lose its charm relatively quickly.