Guides For Parents To Choose The Best Crib Mattress

Any parent will tell you that his greatest wish is to give their children the best possible care. The best care means practicing good parenting techniques, using the highest quality baby products. Thanks to the ingenuity of modern technology, there is now a wide selection of items that high chairs, cribs and crib mattresses for parents to choose from. The number of options can be a bit overwhelming but why there are some websites designed to guide parents to select the best crib mattress by providing them with valuable information about these products.

This article will describe some useful guidelines to help concerned mothers and fathers find a safe crib mattress for their children. After all, children spend so much time in the crib, the choice of a mattress is sure to have an impact on their health and wellbeing. Here are some of the factors that should influence parents when shopping for crib mattresses.



How harmful can be a crib mattress? The answer is very much. And it happens if the parents end up buying the wrong models. Experts have found that polyurethane foam and vinyl is a source of phthalates and volatile organic compounds that can out-gas in the weeks and even years, and when they are a baby mattress, they can have a negative impact on the child’s health. Secure mattresses conform to state standards regarding the chemical out of the exhaust and flammability as well. Parents are encouraged to buy only mattresses that are GREENGUARD certified, or those that are made with environmentally friendly foam.

Consistency is another factor that affects safety. Every parent should be concerned about SIDS, or sudden infant death syndrome, but with a firm crib mattress that does not pose a risk of suffocation when parents can rest easy.


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All crib mattresses are the same size, right? Of course, not, which is the reason why we advise parents to take their crib measurements, or buy a mattress and the crib from the same brand. That’s because despite standard sizing, a crib mattress still be a couple of inches too long or too narrow for a child’s crib. Mattresses leaving gaps in the corners or between themselves and the crib rails can cause capture, while those that are too big to lie flat are choking hazards.


Everybody knows cleanliness is important when it comes to mattresses. On some websites of mattress, the readers can learn to identify the characteristics of a hygienic crib mattress. These include valves or pockets that allows circulation of the mattress, and non-allergenic layer over the foam core or a set of springs. A water-tight lid which dry clean is also more desirable and more sanitary than that absorb body fluids and waste.

In short, if you are looking for the best crib mattress for you baby, you need to follow the above guidelines, which means you should consider carefully when choosing a crib mattress based on 3 main criteria: safety, fit and hygiene.

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