New Balance shoe technologies for plantar fasciitis

New Balance is always a trusted brand when it comes to running shoes; its products are loved by a lot of runners all around the world. And it’s undeniable that the cutting edge technologies play the most important role in New Balance’s phenomenalsuccess. These technologies also do a great job in helping people who are suffering from plantar fasciitis because they could improve comfort and support level of best New Balance shoes day after day. In order to achieve best comfort, New Balance has been developing various technologies forevery parts of the shoe. Below list consists 6 of their famous technologies.



Abzorb cushioning is cushioning compound widely used in almost all of New Balance shoes, from running, walking to hiking ones. It was born as the result of the cooperation between New Balance and Dupont. In detail, Abzorb is a kind of foam-based polymer which could disperse and minimize the shock, so it’s a very effective material for cushioning.


Rollbar is a breakthrough technology in motion control. It’s a special piece located near to rear foot to reduce rear foot movement and enhance stability. There are 2 different locations of the rollbar to match different walking/running styles of people. Shoes for pronator have rollbar located in the medial side while shoes for supinator have it placed in both medial and lateral sides.


New Balance Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis

ENCAP is one of New Balance’s best midsole technologies. It consists of a polyurethane rim and an EVA (ethyl vinyl acetate) cushion core. The combination of a durable and supportive material like polyurethane and the soft EVA is perfect for shock absorption as well as stability.


NGrip is New Balance’s exclusive technology for outsole to create the best slip resistance. NGrip outsole is made from nitrile butadiene rubber compound that has the ability to prevent slip and fall even on slippery or oily surfaces or harsh conditions.

Stability Web

Among all New Balance’s technologies, Stability Web is like a technology specially designed for people with plantar fasciitis thanks to its perfect performance in arch support. One of the main causes of plantar fasciitis is excessive flexion of the arch which makes the plantar fascia stretched extensively. AndStability Web is a lightweight structure which is firm enough to prevent flexion of midfoot, so it could cure plantar fasciitis or at lease reduce the pain from it.


Acteva is foam-based material which is super lightweight but extremely durable. Acteva is claimed to be 12% lighter than normal type of foam. It helps to create much lighter running shoes with exceptional durability. Recently, New Balance has even developed the Acteva Lite and Acteva Ultra Lite which are 24% and 32% respectively lighter than standard foam.

The above technologies are just 5 typical ones among thousands of technologies from New Balance. They have contributed a lot to the unstoppable success of this well-known brand. Every year, New Balance has come up with new cutting edge technologies to make their products better and satisfy all of customers.