Overview Vitamin Preparation For Future Mothers

When physician vitamin selection complexes takes into account the time of the year to prevent the weight of pregnant women, especially their health and how to do a pregnancy. So clearly answer the question of what vitamins for pregnant women do not fail because they all meet the individual needs Of each of them is pregnant. But we suggest to familiarize with the most popular vitamin drugs that the doctors prescribe to pregnant women. The list is the following:

prenatal vitamins


Elevit vitamins are very popular for pregnant women. They are a lot of magnesium and gynecologists prescribe them for women who are threatened with abortion.Magnesium relaxing effect on the uterus to improve the blood flow in the vessels and therefore reduces the degree of placental failure.

In Elevit vitamins for pregnant women contains a lot of folic acid, but they are not iodine, so doctors recommend these vitamins, together with iodine-containing complexes.Elf drink a tablet during meals to order.Positive Urolithiasis, Hypervitaminosis D and A, and the peculiarity of the pregnant Members of the components.

Vitrum Prenatal Forte

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Best prenatal vitamins for pregnant women are a combination of best price and good quality.This multivitamin preparation, which contain minerals are present.Vitamin A affects the improvement of the eyesight, strengthening the hair, nails and skin.

Group B vitamins contribute to the normal function of the nervous system and the blood vessels to the heart.Vitamin D is considered to be the ideal prevention of rickets in a baby.

Also includes iodine. In addition to all these beneficial ingredients in the composition of the complex also includes others that are designed for women and child development. Give 1 tablet for one-two months.

Doctors are strongly advised not to increase the dose of prenatal vitamins, pregnant, it can lead to stomach pain, diarrhea, vomiting and heart pain. It can also turn yellow skin and pressure rise.


“Femibion ​​1” contains a large dose of folic acid and it is recommended to drink in the first three months and become “Femibion ​​2” In the second trimester, and shortly before birth. Under the prenatal vitamins no iron, calcium and vitamin A. Femibion ​​is in some cases and bad – unacceptable overdose of these substances in the body will not be. But you should Know that the cost of the drug is not small.

Vitrum Prenatal

Vitamins for pregnant women vitrumprenatal contain the right amount of iron that is needed to correct anemia.Vitamin A in it too much but the dose is permissible. Also quite a part of magnesium and folic acid so that additional medication is not prescribed. It will after a meal a tablet in the morning, you need to wash a tablet with sufficient water. You should know that a contraindication for the appointment of vitamins for pregnant women vitrumprenatal in the body is excessive iron content as well as an excess of calcium in the blood and urolithiasis.

Alphabet of mother’s health

Vitamins alphabet for pregnant women differ from other systems for the number of tablets received. The daily dose of vitamins tablets is divided into three and thus the interaction of the specific components of the formulation. But this complex contains very little folic acid, making it a separate Receipt, but vitamins for pregnant alphabet, there is an optimal amount of iodine.

– Take vitamins complexes can only be on medical instruction!

Properties Purpose Multivitamin complexes pregnant

vital diet tips during pregnancy

Any future mother should not only know what is best for pregnant women, but also when they are associated. Of course, all this will tell the doctor who is registered with the pregnant woman, but the most important prerequisites for the appointment of vitamin preparations can be classified as follows:

  1. Habits during pregnancy if it is balanced, and the expectant mother receives completely all the necessary nutrients from the foods, the vitamin complexes cannot be assigned.The diet of pregnant women must include marine and dairy products, meat, fats, vegetables, fruits and cereals. But if the food does not have all the necessary items that are included in the above products, the doctor must advise you to take extra vitamins;
  2. Future moms, for example, when a pregnant woman abruptly cut nails cut and fall the hair and health of the teeth worsens all the time – it is worth paying attention to the amount of calcium to be used, most likely it is not Enough to get into the body and the doctor will only take such a drug;
  3. Lifestyle pregnant .If a woman working on community work and constantly communicate with people, it has to control a greater risk of SARS and therefore prevention is recommended Vitamin C

Any becoming mother needs to drink a definitive answer to the question of what is best vitamins for pregnant women is not present. Multivitamin preparations is arranging individual physician, and they reduce the risk of possible complications but uncontrolled something you do not need, and remember that vitamins – is not harmless agents and do not carry away from them. It is all the same pills and they are treated when it is really necessary.

This material is for information purposes only and should be used with a specialist.

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