Top 5 Little League Baseball Bats In 2016

Nowadays, there are a lot of children enjoying playing baseball and participating in little leagues to take challenge and develop their skills. In order to achieve good result in a little league, looking for a high-quality little league baseball bat is the first thing that parents should do. There are many requirements for little league bats, for example: suitable size, light weight, high comfort… Many prestigious bat makers like DeMarini, Easton have introduced plenty of great little league baseball bats every year. The list below is the top 5 little league baseball bats in 2016.

Easton S50

Easton S50 is considered ideal bat for beginners. All of its details are specially designed to bring players comfort, confident and ease when playing. The lightweight aluminum alloymaterial together with well- balanced distribution of weight help almost all of young players swing the bat easily. Besides, its grip is also very comfortable to hold and swing. In addition, S50 has very appealing design with bright and youthful neon colors. But the selling point of this product is the price; it only costs you around 50 USD for an S50. Normally, parents are not willing to pay 200 – 300 USD for an expensive little league bat which might be not suitable to their fast growing kids after a few seasons. Therefore, an affordable bat with good quality like Easton S50 is such a perfect choice for them. However, this bat model also has some drawbacks. The most noticeable one is the durability; S50 tends to show worse performance after long use, especially in cold weather.

Louisville Slugger Armor

Louisville Slugger Armor is also a lightweight baseball bat made from alloy. However, the alloy material used for this model is high-quality one; so this bat has much better durability than other alloy bats in the market. Since it’s specially made for young kids, this Louisville Slugger Armoris balanced bat that any kids could find no difficult when swinging. Besides, its price is reasonable and affordable. However, there are some complaints regarding vibration and dent.

Easton Mako

baseball bat

Mako is one of the most popular models from Easton. And as expected from the famous Easton, there are several cutting-edge technologies applied in this Easton Mako. First of all, the Thermo Composite material could help the kids to improve their swing speed as well as enlarge sweet spot. Its grip is using HyperSkinatm- Easton’s patented technology that could bring the highest comfort to players. Surprisingly, despite being a composite bat, Easton Mako doesn’t need break-in period and could be ready out of the box. Of course, to pay for the above great technologies, this bat costs you a quite big amount of money.

Combat: Maxum

Combat Maxum is the lightest bat with significantly big sweet spot to maximize comfort and confidence for young players. Furthermore, Combat has used their patented technology called Precision Molding Technology to increase toughness and ensure the best durability. However, Combat couldn’t solve the common problem of one-piece bat which is vibration.

DeMarini: Uprising

Any list of top baseball bats of any category would be incomplete without a name of the biggest bat maker DeMarini. And DeMarini Uprising is a good choice for little league baseball bat. It’s rare to find a DeMarini bat under 80$ but have high quality like this Uprising. Uprising is made from DX1 aluminum which helps to bring great swing power as well as good durability. Besides, it comes with 1 year warranty from manufacturer. On the other hand, the sweet spot of DeMariniUprising is not as large as others; this is its major weakness. However, the value this bat could bring is worth the money.

This list has provided you with several options for little league bats with various price range and specifications. Hopefully, it would be useful to you when choosing a good little league bat for your kids.